Evlove IntimatesEvlove Intimates makes shopping for sexy lingerie easier, thanks to its online design studio. The American company was blessed with tremendous triumph after starting in 2006. The blissful luxury custom corset lingerie line is becoming tremendously favored by bridal parties and ladies in search of great feminine joy. “Nearly every female daydreams about being an underwear designer, that experience is brought alive for them by me,” said founder Jenny Dombroski.

Evlove Intimates started by hosting exclusive get-togethers and offering clients its online design studio. Lately Dombroski made a decision to grow, getting into the world of retail. A few shops in the Chicago region will have an in-store program that allows consumers to create their own underwear and loungewear. The retail program is dependant on Evlove Intimates bestsellers: boy shorts, thongs, lounge slacks and the triangle cami. The procedure works exactly like the house parties: select a deluxe garment (extend lace, mesh or modal) and adornments (ribbons, bows, accents and elastics.) Three weeks later your custom lingerie shall get delivered to you or can be found at the store. What could be easier? It’s the ideal present for your very best sweetheart or even to spoil yourself!

What products does Evlove Intimates offer?

Evlove’s customizable lingerie options include chemise, combination bralet, scoop cami, triangle cami, wrap bralet, boyshort, g-string, lounge pants, panty and thong. Prices for the bottoms range from $38 – $85 and $62 – $95 for the underwear tops.

Evlove lingerie and loungewearThere are several different color options for each of the fabric choices but the options for fabrics are pretty limited as there is only lace, modal and nylon mesh. Furthermore there are only very few design options for prints (just polka dot and pucci) and these are available only for the nylon mesh fabric option. Luckily the bows and flowers are available in a good array of styles (organza, satin and sequined).

The Evlove Intimates lounge pants happen to be one of their best-selling products. With several colors and fabrics to choose from, the ultra-comfortable trousers can be customized and delivered to your door for a flat shipping fee of $5, no matter how many you order! Keep this site in mind, because Evlove’s items also make perfect gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.

However, avoid being shy to treat yourself every once in a while. “Buying lingerie is a very personal and intimate purchase, and for the most part you’re buying it for yourself,” Evlove Intimates owner Jenny Dombroski says. “It’s a celebration of your body and your sensuality and sexuality, so when you be capable of design it yourself, it’s also a special event of your individuality.”

The Evlove Intimates Lingerie Design Studio

The Evlove Intimates design studio is straightforward and pretty easy to use. It is a six step process and all the design options are displayed appropriately in the page. Once the design is finished you can choose the size of your custom lingerie. The sizing part of the process is pretty disappointing because unfortunately, there are only standard sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL). For women who do not fit in the standard size category this might be frustrating. The visible representation of the custom lingerie unfortunately is neither accurate nor attractive as well. Because images can neither be zoomed nor rotated you will only be able to see one picture of your design.