Impish Lee Bra Design ToolImpish Lee offers custom underwear, robes, slips and loungewear in sizes 0-24 as well as custom bras in sizes 28A-40J. The company was founded by Noelle Lee Kali and Ventresca Taylor Ventresca, two beautiful sisters from NY. At the beginning they started with just a little boutique on Etsy, an online community for custom products from small designers. But because the Etsy customers loved their products so much they were able to grow Impish Lee to their own completely customizable underwear brand very quickly.

Impish Lee even set foot in to the world of wholesale with the retail behemoth Urban Outfitters however the sisters wished to place the control back in the shopper’s hands and remain a small company that passes the savings onto the client with a unique underwear for ready-to-wear prices.

Impish Lee Design ToolThe Impish Lee custom underwear design tool offers over 27 trillion unique design options for very reasonable prices. A custom bralette for example costs about $118 and a custom thong panty $62.00.

Transport in the United States is free on orders over $100 before tax and discounts. Orders ship from New York within three to four weeks, excluding holidays and weekends. Worldwide international shipping is also available.

How the custom underwear is made

Impish Lee Custom LingerieAfter you have finished your custom underwear design and placed your self-designed order, Impish Lee first collects all the required materials like fabrics, elastics, and ribbons as well as the pattern pieces that fit your size.

Since the fit of your underwear is most important and the fit begins with a great design, after arranging the pattern pieces on the fabrics correctly, each component is trimmed by hand.

Based on your customizations, one single piece of underwear can have to thirty different parts including multiple fabrics, trims, straps, slides, bands, bows and closures. Once all the materials are ready and gathered, the garment will be stitched. Their skilled sewers use up to four different machines and stitches per garment to make sure every piece is manufactured with impeccable quality. A lot of the designs from Impish Lee include fine details such as strapping for bras, garters, and loungewear. For maximum support and resilience each strap is put together with soft satin elastics. After your custom underwear is complete it’s sealed in a 100% recyclable envelope and dispatched to your door!

Impish Lee FoundersImpish Lee is focused on creating a positive impact in all respects of their business and have chosen the slogan “Changing the world, two boobs at the right time”. The founders want to support the US economy and ethical labor practices by keeping the processing in-house in NY. Their Mass Customization business design also reflects their focus on minimizing waste materials and surplus by only creating products that already are purchased.

To find out more about Impish Lee or to begin designing your own lingerie visit the Impish Lee website.